Artist Bio:

I am a multi-media mystical and visionary artist, born in Bialystok, Poland. During the first years of my life, art was my tool of survival and a way to escape into imaginal realms. I was doing deep shadow work, exploring the unknown of my being, and reprogramming my mind. I started awakening within the dream and navigating my journey through the guidance of symbolic visions.

Through this process, I learned how to use my art as a tool for healing, releasing, and transforming the energies into higher forms of creative expression. I kept pushing through my darkness until there was a breakthrough — an expansion into cosmic consciousness and universal love. Now being able to see things from a higher perspective, I began using my creativity to connect with the higher-dimensional aspects of myself, working with an extraterrestrial intelligence and the energies of the divine feminine. Nature has been a powerful ally for me in this transformation. Through getting lost in the ancient oak forests of my homeland, my awareness began to open up and sharpen in deep reflection. As well, my passion for music has played a powerful role in my process of creation. I developed a practice of surrendering into the sound, inducing trance states, and cultivating the states of flow.


In 2006, the Earth called my heart across the globe to the magical Sonoran Desert. I landed at the Solar Culture Gallery, an art and music venue in Tucson, Arizona. This has been a place of accelerated growth with a lot of opportunities to reflect in humanity and be in service by curating large art shows and events. In 2012, I began running my own venue, the Galactic Center, where I produced and hosted transformational events for 6 years. In holding sacred space for the global tribe and working with many famous musicians, sound healers, and spiritual teachers, I have gained invaluable training in riding the massive cosmic waves of acceleration from the zero-point.

My time in the desert has fostered a very deep connection with the land and consciousness of the Sun gateway. Currently, I am synchronizing back with the natural rhythms, and refocusing into my art, mastering my skills. My life’s journey through darkness has taught me how to speak in many different languages of light. It feels like this is just the beginning of sharing my gifts. Through my work I hope to elevate awareness of the beauty of nature and the magic of the invisible worlds, inspiring a reconnection with the higher source that connects us all.

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